Sunday, September 30, 2007

Frowny Face Haircuts

I took my kids to get those REAL haircuts on Saturday and they were hating life. They were both horrible!!! I didn't want to claim them....sound familiar to anyone out there!??? A girl at Whoopdeedoos (how they HECK do you spell that?!) gave them some suckers and that made life a little better, but I wasn't able to get many pictures...especially since they each insisted sitting on my lap for the haircuts. But the frowns in the pictures make me

Fun Picnic

We went to that quad stake picnic on Friday where each stake did a little show for 15 minutes each(which is a perfect amount of time for my attention span!) We had the best time. We sat with my whole family and Amber's family, Jessica's family and Jen Rose & her cute mom. It was such a good kids ate SO much food and crap! I was surprised they didn't get stomachaches and Connor said he was surprised too. He ate a roast beef sandwich & fries from Arby's to start out. Then two Popsicles, popcorn, licorice, two pickles, pudding, cheese, and a snow cone and who knows what else. I'm getting nauseous just listing the stuff. They had a good time though...just look at their dirty, happy faces!
P.S. One of my favorite moments, was the oompaloompas....Tanner & Jessica's boys....their hair was killin' me!!!! Poor Tanner was HATING life. It's tough to be so cool and to keep that image up all the time.....JK.....they looked great and I'm happy Tanner went on stage!

Kind of blurry, but: Brooke, Jen, Amber & baby Crew and Jessica

The stars of the night...the MC's Kathleen Magdaluyo & Carol Hardy....CRAZY!

Friday, September 28, 2007


I'm posting. Here are some pictures of some of the things we have been up to when a camera was around. $5 costume tattoos from Wal-mart are entertaining us quite nicely. We ripped the package open as we were pushing the cart out of the store. The boys each had one on an arm and rested it on the window fame of the car as we drove. Connor said, that's what punk rockers do.

Last Saturday I was on the recieving end of an AWESOME gift and had my house cleaned. Thank you, Chris! It is so nice to come home to a CLEAN house! His mother-in-law cleans houses and is looking for more clients, so if anyone is interested let me know. She does a great job!

One more thing, I don't know if I can take Connor & Wyatt's hair long anymore. I think I'm going to break down and take them in on Saturday for real haircuts! I've always cut it in the past and when I mentioned taking them into an actual PLACE to get it cut, Connor said, "oh, I think they will do a better job than you." Nice.

Our week:
Clean house, temple, Speedway races, church, knucklehead ex-husband, FHE with Alex and breakfast for dinner, work, work, work, school, homework, preschool, grocery shopping, bank, babysitter, lots of driving, homemade pizza, baths, brushing & flossing little teeth : ) and lots of hugs, sweet kisses and plenty of fits from two sticky little boys.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

wild hair for a wild boy

they wanted to sit like this, with their arms around eachother

my aunt & grandma on my dad's side (step) Isn't my grandma hip?

Friday, September 7, 2007

I've been wanting to change the subject on this little blog of mine and here is an interesting change of scenery.

I stopped by Albertsons on my way home from work and when we came out this is what I found:

I was pretty nervous to move my car without the person actually see how they had parked their vehicle, but I wanted to know if there was any damage or no damage and nothing to worry about. SO....I whipped out my camera. (as any normal person would do right? jk)
Man, their license plate was all up on my hood! I finally moved my car back a few inches to check it out and there was hardly any damage at all. Like two little scratches that you can hardly see. Just then the woman came out with 3 boys. Can you just see me....."uhhhh, excuse me?" She was SO nice! She felt so bad and she could tell my kids had had enough of this shopping business...she had her oldest son put all of my groceries in my trunk and take the cart away for us. He was 11 and she had an 8 & 6 year old too. Connor was trying to help him and he kept telling Connor, "look how strong you are!"
It was just a funny experience where it could have been such a bad experience and it turned out to be fun to meet them. (probably not if my car was all dinged up though!!!! ha ha!)
After we left Connor said, "that was just an accident, huh Mom....they were really nice." (he opened the car doors for all of us when we got home because he said he wanted to be like that kid)
I was glad I didn't yell or make a scene and have my kids see things like that. Or the people could have been real jerks! Things could have been so different. I'm glad they saw what they saw today.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

First day of Preschool

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I'm writing about a bummer for once.

I've been called out before on not writing stuff down that bothers me or is negative...only sharing the positive. So here goes. Here is a bitter taste of the negative things that bother me.

Today was Connor's first day of Preschool and everything went really well. New school clothes, had the bookbag packed, took time from work and took him there myself. Everything was great.

The bummer was......this morning Connor and I sat down to fill out a questionnaire that Miss Tina sent to him and it started lots of questions from Connor. The first question on the paper was "how many people in your family" and Connor said, "3." Then he said, "How come our family isn't like the ones on TV where the dad lives with them. How come we are different? How come we don't have a mom AND dad that live with us?" He seemed a bit upset. I can only tell him so many time that we are divorced and that I wished things were different for him too. There is lots more to this, but this is all I feel ok with sharing. I get so mad that he has to deal with this stuff. I guess every parent wants to protect their kids and all kids have to deal with things that are bummers.

Monday, September 3, 2007

We just had so much fun doing Family Home Evening with my Emily & Ben.....and Alex! He came by and ended up staying for family night and it was so fun.

Ok, Amanda, am I allowed to throw my own housewarming party and you know I would want to have my house all ready to have a party and that really defeats the purpose of a housewarming party. Any thoughts???

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Exciting Weekend

Friday night was great and we totally kicked it at home. Connor kept putting the TV on stations that just play music and the boys got out guitars and played along. Wyatt was cracking me up with the hat he kept putting on. Sometimes he would put cowboy boots on too. By the way, Connor was NOT happy with me taking pictures of him that night, but he has some great moves like the ones from Back to the Future where he slides on his knees and jumps around on one foot & kicks the other. Man, I need a digital camcorder! It's too hard to explain!

Tonight, the boys (Ben fits that category too) ran around the house pretending to be Superman with capes. I couldn't get a picture of Wyatt but he was in on it too with his towel. He even ran into a wall and dented the wall a little bit with his head. (Ouch!) He yells "Susa-Man!

I missed you...

(kitchen scissors)

where have you been all my life? I've missed you. Ok I put a picture of a new thing (my plates) but I love them too.

Alrighty Tighty

I had a request to see how the new shelves look actually hung, by Miss Jen. Sorry, I have nothing really on them yet. They are kinda high to me -to see anything you put on the shelves. Any ideas anyone, let me know please. I have a few other pics I sent out in an email with our new address. I am loving living here. Especially after this weekend, because we got a few more things done to make it better. Every week it gets more livable. And it will be WAY more livable when I get a washer & dryer and I don't have to take three boxes full of dirty clothes to my parent's house to wash. Candace, that sweet washing maching of yours is looking mighty fine right now!

P.S. Connor was so good at the dentist! He got a shot and I swear it was the longest shot I have ever seen given. He didn't make a peep and stayed perfectly still. The girl helping said she had never seen a kid be that good. I have to take him back soon to get 2 more cavities filled. Expensive yo! I could tell he was scared though because he was so quiet. Too bad he's not that well behaved everywhere else.

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