Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I've been challenged

I saw my name on Amber's list of who will do this, so I buckled...

4 jobs I've had

1 Pool attendant in high school
2 Orthopaedic Specialist of Nevada (with Amber)
3 Computer company receptionist
4 Office Manager

4 movies I can watch over & over

1 About A Boy
2 Harry Potter movies
3 Something's Gotta Give
4 lately I HAVE been watching Goonies over & over

4 places I have lived

1 Las Vegas
2 Cedar City
3 Provo and Orem
4 Pleasant Grove

4 TV shows I enjoy

1 Lost
2 I can't think of anymore cause I don't watch much TV....so I will admit to shows I have really been into during my life
3 Cosby Show
4 Buffy the Vampire Slayer (when it first came out)
4.1 Scooby Doo (with Connor when he was little, I was hooked)
4.2 Food Network yo! Rachel Ray, Food 911
4.3 Divine Design

4 places I've been on vacation

1 Catalina
2 Oregon
3 Utah (does that even count?)
4 California
my list is pretty sad

4 favorite restaurants

1 Dave's Famous BBQ
2 Cheesecake Factory
3 Macaroni Grill
4 Caitlin's cooking!

4 websites I visit daily

1 email
2 blogs of my homies
3 and like Amber, more blogs
4 youtube sometimes

4 places I'd rather be right now

1 Heaven - can this live please be over : )
2 the ranch - Cedar Mountain, best place ever to relax
3 on the beach, laying out with the sun & breeze and a book
4 60 years old, a grandma who gets to hold babies all the time and not worry about dishes and already knowing what happens in my life
I liked Jen's idea of getting a massage, so I'll throw that in there too

4 people I think will do this

1 Emily?
2 Kristy?
3 Um....
4 everyone already did it, oh wait...maybe the conformist Dylan

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How come he can do that?

We went to Smith's last night and I let the boys pick out some treats from the bins there. Runts & chinese crackers, funny huh. Connor ate all of his food, veggies, chicken and all. Wyatt had...not even a bite. But he wanted the candy of course. I let Connor have his and I put Wyatt up on the counter with his food. I was busy cleaning up the kitchen when I see out of the corner of my eye, Connor sneaking him candy. I ask Connor if he can try to get Wyatt to take a bite of food. Wyatt totally let Connor feed him! How does he do that? Stinker. Both of them are stinkers.

Not a clear picture, but I still love it

Good luck, Ben

My sister's husband just got put in as a counselor to the bishop (aka the "bishopric" that I don't know how to spell). We went over to their house for dinner on Sunday and I talked him into taking a few pictures, even though the tie and coat jacket were long gone. These are for your mom, Ben, in Wisconsin who wasn't able to see you!

My favorite

Our ward's primary is having the parents write a letter to their child on the birthday and then they read it to them in sharing time. They said to include talents and special memories and I think that is a great idea. Anyway....In my letter I included a little list of things that Connor is good at. He LOVED it! When we got home from church, he was trying to do a lot of the things from the letter. He helped me carry stuff, set the table, helped Wyatt in any way he could, and gave me a "assage" ....tons of stuff. Robin and I were cracking up! He was doing the dishes and I caught a few pictures of him and Wyatt (who just had to join him by playing in the water). They had their church shirts off because we were going to go back to church to see Ben get set apart as a couselor in the bishopric.(how do you spell that?) But they ended up doing it right after sacrament meeting and we missed it, bummer!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I was surfing the blogs (which is totally addicting).....and came upon this quote. I love it and I'm convinced it's true. I think of the people I have envyed only to find out they actually have........challenges too!! Crazy. I'm convinced we are here to have trials and challenges, not only to learn and grow, but also so that we can be more compassionate and understanding.

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."

-author unknown

Saturday, July 14, 2007

I love this kid

Wyatt is just so funny. Shy, but hilarious and silly.

A few hand-me-downs from Connor have had to be "modified" to accommodate Wyatt's.....smart brain.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Outside my office door

there are a gazillion chickens runnning around. Last year I remember I had the door open because it was such a nice day outside...when all of a sudden I hear a clucking sound. I look up to see a chicken in the doorway. You can probably guess I was a little more than surprised. I wanted someone around me so I could have someone to laugh with and say, "can you believe that!" By now the chickens have mulitplied by like 100000% and they are running around everywhere. They go to the front porch to get out of the sun and I wonder what people think when they come to the house and ring the doorbell. I would like to see their faces.

I can already feel the questions coming so...I will just say they are the gardeners chickens and I'm not sure what the situation is there. I have a feeling some cock fighting is in some of their futures and the others will be his dinner. Who knows. I just try to mind my own business and keep typing.

P.S. This is the FRONT yard.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


You ask if I have homework, you check to see if I'm eating healthy, you give me "assages" on my back. I love to snuggle & watch movies together, cause you are my friend. I love to play games outside with you...and chase you and tickle you. I love you.

I love the adult way you ask me questions about life and the things you observe. You make connections few your age would make. You have strong spirit, you are intelligent and have a personality that leaves no one a stranger. I'm so glad you are my son.

So glad you were born...

Connor turned 5 yesterday. I love birthdays. I love celebrating a person. Last night I told Connor the story of his birth and in the morning he wanted to hear it all over again. I remember him as a newborn in the hospital...I got close to smell his little newborn breath (only a few hours old) and he sucked on my nose. I can't believe that little baby is now this little 5 year old so full of life, ideas, energy, thoughtfulness and mischief! I am so thankful for that little boy and what he has done this last year & a half to help me get through the bad times.

P.S. Little kid birthdays are FUN! But I'm sure glad so many people helped me and that it's pretty much cleaned up! : )
Tyler Seastrand (who is 5) came back after he left and asked if he could get the recipe for Green Goblin Juice. It was green Kool-Aid and dry ice. Funny. It was pretty cool, though.

As if you even wanted to, click here for more pictures that Amber took.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Family Reunion Time

We went to my family reunion on Cedar Mountain this weekend. I should have taken a picture of our tent....the boys LOVED it! OK, I loved it too, cause I'm just like a little kid. My aunt & uncle have property up by Panguich Lake and we love the time we spend up there where it is so beautiful and away from rush of daily life. It was much needed, even if it is tricky to get out of town for a quick trip.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

happy 4th

We had fun today. No work, no hurrying this morning to get the three of us out the door. I did have to study for my last test tomorrow for my anatomy class. It was pretty hard to focus on that today because we had the best time swimming and playing! Connor is turning out to be quite the little fish this year. Today he took off his floaties and amazed us by swimming all on his own. He will tell you himself, that he "jumped in like a million times!" and went underwater. He had trouble at first getting into a horizontal position and actually going anywhere besides just bobbing up and down. But after a few tries.....he was doing pretty well. Just to be sure....(hee hee) as we were about to go, I threw him in the deeper part and made him swim to the edge. Pretty good. He is still with us and I am so proud of him. : )

We had a BBQ with Emily, Ben and my cousin Nicole and it was gooooood! Emily always does a great job. Thanks Em!

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