Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tooth Business

The Toothfairy (aka that fantastic looking 30 year old) came to our house last night to take care of some business with Connor's tooth. She was out of fairy dust by the way : (
Connor is so sweet. He took his new little motorcycle right into Wyatt to let him play with it because he knew he would love it. I love the pictures of Wyatt & the motorcycle!
It came out while we were at my doctor appointment yesterday. The nurse got him a container for it and wrote down all the stats. By the way, I got all of my blood work back and everything looks good. He checked lots of stuff...cholesterol, sugars, URINE! Connor was absolutely "mis-gusted!" On our way to get the results I told him that the doctor was going to tell me how my blood looked and he said, "Ya, and how your PEE looks!"

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ok you gotta repond quick to this:

Connor has a loose tooth that is hangin by a thread.... I'm thinking of having him put the tooth in a cup of water at night, then the "Toothfairy" can put some $$ and maybe a little toy in the cup for him in the morning.

Does anybody have any other ideas that are super cool?

Monday, February 25, 2008

So I was doing dishes the other night...

when I looked over and saw this:
I left it there. It makes me laugh. A lot.

This kid is outta control

He can't get enough of hair gel. I swear it was only quiet for a minute or two before I knew there was trouble..........

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just for fun...

Wyatt loves to get into my purse and put lip gloss on. He can stay busy doing that forever. Well, this time I look over and he has the concealer all over his lips.... He was so ticked that I took it away and even more mad when I wanted to take a picture!


this is how dinner turned out....salmon, sweet potatoes, asparagus, roasted potatoes and some fruit. My mom & dad came over to eat too. Connor is such a great him! Wyatt helped me cook by filling the microwave up with utensils.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Connor is too much. Last night was has hittin me hard with tough questions...Why doesn't dad have us more? Ummmmmm..... (and lots more questions like that)

I told him how much I want him & Wyatt and how much I love them. He said, "how come you love us so much when we are so naughty?"

Fresh & Easy

I'm totally lovin this new store....Fresh & Easy. It has healthy food in small servings...READY to cook or's easy. AND the prices are awesome. I only spent $16 last night. I don't think I've ever dropped by a grocery store and left without spending a bunch of money. I went to the Doctor the other day and I need to do a lot better. I've been running...but I could do better about eating. It's those dang yummy treats...and Del Taco...and.....this could go on for a while.
Oh ya, the store I went to is just south of Vegas Valley on Nellis. Check it!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Why is Wyatt............

so dang funny? I picked the boys up from my parent's house this morning. They spent the night so I could go out to dinner with Zach last night. I hugged them both and said, "Man you guys smell good!" My mom & dad started to laugh and told me all about what Mr. Wyatt had done. He was quiet in the bedroom last night and when they checked on him....because something didn't seem right!........he had thick, white hair full of my mom's Victoria Secret lotion and body gel... Pure Seduction. He had also smeared it on the blankets, sheets and pillowcases. They said everything had lotion smeared on it AND the room smelled so good. The bottles are pretty much empty now. Everything is washed now, but his hair still smells really good! My mom & dad couldn't stop smiling. I looked over at Wyatt and he seems so small to be so naughty!

P.S. On Sunday we were watching The Testaments movie while Connor & I were folding clothes. The part came where someone says, "there will be one fold with one shepherd" and Connor turns to me with big, round eyes.... "Mom, they said FOLD and we're folding clothes!"

Valentine's Day

I love little holidays with the kids. I do much better when things aren't crazy like a Christmastime. We started the day with pink milk and toast with a heart shaped cut out with an egg in it. It was so yummy!

The night before we made some treats for Connor's preschool party. Connor did most of it...which is way cool....and Wyatt was busy in the bathroom plastering his hair down with hair gel. He cracks me up.

The treats turned out so yummy! I stole the idea off of someone else's blog... I was supposed to put pink M&M's on the top when they came out of the oven but the store was out of them....and it was CRAZY with people all buying that commercial Valentine's Day crap. That stuff is such a turn off to me. I love just doing stuff together or making stuff for Valentine's Day. (OK....I'll always take flowers though!) Anyway, you just put pretzels on a cookie sheet with a hug ontop and then bake for 8 min at 200 degrees. I put them in the fridge afterwards and they setup pretty quick. YUMMY! Connor was excited to take them to school.

It turned out to be a great day and I hope everyone else had fun too. I love you guys!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Makin some yummy treats

We made these yummy chocolate covered pretzels tonight...which means that I pretty much made them while the kiddos ate them. My momma came over to help and it was good times.

* P.S. I tried to make the white chocolate pink by adding some food coloring and the chocolate hardened up in 2 weird! Anybody have any ideas? The bag said to add some shortening if it hardened up, but that didn't help. : (

Connor's Baseball CAMP

Yep, he's a stud. I was watching to see if he's fast.............YEP!

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