Monday, April 30, 2007

Connor was already in bed with me, but then Wyatt woke up at 5am not feeling too good, so he got in bed too. When I got out of the shower this morning - this is what I found.

I like how my towel & toes are in one of the shots. hee hee!

By the end of the day, Wyatt ended up at the doctor's office and they told me my kids were removed from my insurance policy (someone is going to get some not so nice phone calls in the morning!) The doctor said Wyatt's tubes have fallen out of his ears and they are a mess again. And when we stopped to get diapers at the store (we are totally OUT) Wyatt fell out of the cart. On his head. Yep. There you have it: I deserve a gold medal for MOTHER OF THE YEAR!!!

Dwayne & Brian Howard gave Wyatt a blessing and hopefully tonight will go better.
Wait.....I can hear Wyatt crying in the other room already. Crap.

Just for fun: I love how Connor sets out his clothes for the next day. He doesn't always do it, but he does it quite often. And he LOVES his spiderman stuff! He's singing a song he made up about spiderman in the Primary talent show on Thursday. Should be interesting...................

And just because Wyatt is so dang cute:

I can't sleep, so I decided to post a few pictures from today....these are of the boys playing outside after family dinner. I love how little Carson was the best driver out of most of the boys. Wyatt was taken on some pretty "exciting" rides by the boys. They are all so cute.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's been a while since I've posted any pictures of Mr. Wyatt. Here's some taken after his bath tonight. Of course that naked bummy runs right for his blanket!!!!

Connor crashed pretty good last night on his bike. He's been pretty brave since he learned how to ride without training wheels, but I knew this was coming sooner or later. I'm sure he'll have a little bit of fear in him now. (for a little while at least!) He crashed on some gravel and it gave him two big sores on his head. It was kinda scary having Poppa bring him in the house with a bunch of blood coming from his head! But he's OK - a little shook up and a little bit of a "knot head" now. But I already knew that. ha, ha I'm so hilarious I crack myself up.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

April 2005:

"When I attended our ward's young men/young women display of Jospeh Smith projects, I was absolutely amazed and inspired. I went home that evening determined to do something of my own, something that would represent my testimony of Joseph Smith. When my children thumb through our family albums, I want them to see these pages and know how important Joseph Smith is to me and that I have a testimony that through him, the gopsel was restored to the earth. I am so grateful for Joseph Smith and all that he endured so that we can have the gospel in our lives and enjoy its many blessings. I want my children to know that the gospel has blessed my life in every aspect and that we can get answers to our prayers, have great faith and endure hard things in our lives, just as Joseph did." - Brooke Duke

I was (am) missing the boys because they are with their dad, so I got the scrapbooks out to see their cute little faces. I love looking at their baby pictures. I came across these pages and it made me think a lot. I wrote this before I had really been tested on the "hard" things. I want to say I'm thankful for my testimony....but it doesn't seem to really convey how grateful I am. But I am! And I am so thankful for Joseph Smith...not only what he did in bringing the gospel to this dispensation, but for his example on how to endure "hard" things. Years ago I taught a R.S. lesson from the conference talk "Enduring Well" by Elder Maxwell (who was being treated for cancer at the time) where he said that the Lord had partaken of the bitter cup without becoming bitter. That has stuck with me over the years and that's how I think of Joseph Smith as well. He endured so much without becoming bitter. We can too..............
I also know now, more than I did then, that Heavenly Father does answer our prayers. I love Joseph Smith's example of this. He had a question, a sincere question he brought before Heavenly Father. And he received an answer. I'm not saying we will all be personally visited by the Lord and Heavenly Father - but I am saying we will reveive an some way.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My mom had Connor draw a picture of her with Connor & Wyatt. He wanted to put me in there too and had me talking on the phone. He is too much. Lets just laugh really hard and not try to analyze it too much................ I am so busted.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I was listening to the radio the other day and they were talking about slang words people use that are out of date. They said "dude" is SO out of style. Dude, that is so wrong! I love that word, just as the Smurfs used to say "smurf" in any context. And if we all have to keep up to date on slang words, does that mean its a good thing to hear old people say, "yo, that's off the hook!" That just seems weird. I remember Justin would say "it's hot as a banshi in here!" and so my mom started using the word bashi for everthing..."I'm busy as a banshi" "it's cold as a banshi" ....whoa, that was way off the subject!

The radio show also had a contest to see who says the most out of style slang words...I totally would have won (had I actually called in) because I have a cousin who still says, "That is
SO wretched!" Gotsa love valley girls! And I love her to pieces!

Peace out.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

This & That

I'm diggin' this new lamp I got for my room. I've been in the dark for over a month now and I'm finally getting around to getting a light.

We had an exciting Friday night at our house. I was so exhausted! I got us all ready for bed early and let Connor take pictures with my camera in my room. He takes the most random pictures. He uses the zoom and everything. My sis returned some scrapbook pages that we used for a project for my mom and Connor was taking pictures of the pictures on the pages. Funny kid! And you know how kids love bandaids and think they make any minor injury they think they might possibly maybe kinda have...better. Connor wanted one by his lip and he & I were laughing about it. Excitment at our place on a Friday night! Whoo-hooo!

This boy amazes me!

Connor inherited a sweet Mongoose bike from a friend of a friend and it had no training wheels & it's a little bigger than his other bike. He was determined to learn how to ride it. He had a birthday party to go to Friday and he didn't want to go to it...he just wanted to go home so he could learn how to ride that bike! P.S. we went anyway and he had a blast dressing up as a ninja.

So after we get home, I'm outside and my phone rang. I was talking away and Connor whizzes by me on his bike!!!! He skids to a stop, jumps off and starts jumping up and down, "I DID IT! I DID IT! YA-HOOOOO!" OK I started jumping up and down yelling "YA-HOO" too! Who am I kidding!

He had propped the bike up against the garage to get on it and off he peddled! He is getting pretty good, just a few crashes into Grandma's new car. Yikes.

P.S. He thinks those motorcycle gloves - aka "gardening gloves" - he had on really helped.

Monday, April 9, 2007

100 Things About Me......

1. I like things in order...even though you can't tell by my bedroom lately.
2. I hate collecting things, except I am a geek and I love to have collections of hardcover books. (Told you I'm a geek)
3. I'm the oldest
4. I'm 29
5. I have two boys, 4 & 2 years old, with fuzzy hair and funny personalities
6. I feel organized when my car & purse are cleaned out
7. I don't like horror movies and no longer have to pretend like I do cause I'm too old for peer pressure
8. I respect people who work hard and live within their means.
9. I'm not afraid to to work hard.
10. I ate ice cream snicker bars & cones all the time when I was pregnant.
11. I love new underwear & socks
12. I could eat pasta for almost every meal

13. I drank bleach when I was a kid. That explains a lot doesn't it.
14. I drove a '76 chevy truck in high school.
15. I can touch my tongue to my nose. That's not kinky, it just means I have a big nose.
16. I like to have a goal to work on. It keeps me focused.
17. I can pinch really hard with my toes
18. I love to sing to my boys at night
19. I like to be comfortable, even if I'm dressed nice.
20. I used to think big earrings were for hoochies and now I don't care.
21. I did't eat hamburgers for like 10 years and now I love them from In-n-Out. Thank you Russell & Ryan.
22. I'm divorced. Duh! It's just weird.
23. I still want more kids someday. I'm crazy I know.
24. I suck at mechanical things
25. I'm an office manager. I manage myself cause I'm the only one in the office.
26. I do the book keeping for 3 three companies
27. I have miracles happen to me & I'm grateful for them
28. I don't like to eat chicken with the bones in it. Or ribs. What a priss. But it's messy and I hate it.
29. I love to dip chicken tenders in ranch and hot sauce.
30. I was pregnant with Wyatt when I went to a STYX concert
31. I don't like it when people say they can't do something because it's too hard. It just means they don't want to do it badly enough.
32. I try to be postive. Most of the time.
33. I hate it when my toe nails get too long. It feels gross. Em says I cut them too short.
34. I love to laugh!
35. I love to tease! But I can take it in return.
36. I love grapefruit & grapefruit juice
37. I like to keep things I'm doing close to me. I guess I'm kind of private. Maybe I'm paranoid if I talk about something too much with a lot of people, it won't work out, then I have to go back and tell everyone that the plan changed. Do I need therapy???
38. I like simple things. Not too many frilly, clutterly THINGS
39. I don't really care for video games.
40. Someday I want a boat. And a pool table while I'm wishing.
41. I love jeans that fit
42. I'm what I call....thrifty (I'm trying not to say cheap!). But if I really LOVE something, I'll go without something else, so I can get it.
43. I love it when Wyatt giggles!!!!
44. I love it when kids start to talk.
45. I hate cockiness
46. I admire thoughtfullness & people who think of others
47. I used to drive a Nissan Stanza that broke down everywhere & I used to tell Heavenly Father I had learned enough about being humble.
48. p.s. The hub caps kept falling off.
49. and the side of it started to rust.
50. oh and we used to own an old toyota truck that was many different colors...
51. and there was an electrical problem with the horn so Justin hooked it up to a door bell - that's right- a door bell - and I had to take it to get the safety & emissions done on it. Everyone at the shop LAUGHED at me. I laughed too, but it was embarrassing.
52. I don't like soda.
53. I like to learn things. I don't like to be limited by not knowing how to do things.
54. I bought my first car, stick shift, without knowing how to drive it home. I made it home ok by using the back roads- a little bit of a jerky ride!
55. I taught myself how to sew, but I'm not very good. But I made Wyatt's crib bedding.
56. I hardly watch any TV, but I love a good movie when I have a spare second.
57. I had stitches in my foot when I was 14.
58. I was on bedrest for a few weeks with both of my pregnancies.
59. My boys were the same weight & length when they were born. They were like round jelly beans. Not much has changed with Wyatt's look (so squishy!)

60. I don't like confrontation
61. I want to be a dental hygienist
62. I want to be a great mom
63. I want my boys to know how much I love them. I want them to feel loved.
64. I went scuba diving at Catalina in college. Yes, that was a class.
65. I plan on living in Las Vegas for the rest of my life. As we all know, plans can change. But I doubt it.
66. I lived in Utah for about 10 years.
67. I went to SUU and graduated from BYU in education.
68. I'm not really a girly girl.
69. But not a tom boy either.

70. I ran two marathons.
71. I would like to learn how to play the guitar.
72. I love music.
73. I don't care for choir music. Sorry.
74. My fingernails grow crazy fast.
75. I'm capable. Most of the time. (remember the mechanical thing)
76. I love mexican food.
77. I'm a tender person
78. I hate hate hate for bad things to happen to kids or animals in movies or on tv. What a WIMP!
79. I love how smart Connor is
80. I wish I had more time to do things for the people I care about
81. I cry when I watch movies but rarely because of my own life.
82. I love to observe people. Maybe it's because I have a lot to learn.
83. I like to work with guys because there is less drama.

84. I am a list maker
85. I'm a little bit competitive.
86. I think I broke the buzzer in seminary when Robin was my teacher.
86. I write in a journal
87. I like camping & going to the lake
88. I'm tired all the time
89. I like to get rid of stuff & take it to D.I.
90. I'm too tired to be fake. What you see is what you get.
91. I don't care for Rod Stewart. Voice or tight spandex pants.
92. How come so many women do? Yuck.
93. I don't like it when rock stars wear scarves. There's no point in that.
94. I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was a kid.
95. I made Emily wear a "dress" I made out of purple bandanas and safety pins.
96. I have a love/hate relationship with Mac & Cheese and ramen soup
97. Sometimes it hits the spot and sometimes it makes me sick just thinking about it.
98. I'm not shy
99. I don't like it when little kids say "shut up".
100. I say "dude" and "sweet" and probably always will

Sunday, April 8, 2007


Saturday, April 7, 2007

As I was looking for a picture of myself for my profile (slim pickings!) I found a pic I Iwanted to post of the boys that's pretty recent. I'm just like any other mom...plenty of pictures of my kids and none of myself.

Duke Boys

The kids colored easter eggs and Kim's friends took a few pictures of the mass production, so I will include a few shots. The older cousins had a slumber party and I have a good shot of some of them watching TV together. So cute! I'm not too sure how much "slumbering" was going on last night.

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