Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Disneyland Yo

So...........we're back from Disneyland and we had a great time. Such a great time, I was SO ready to come home! I got totally sick our last day (Sunday). We got back into Vegas after the Quick Cares were closed, so I had to wait til the morning...yuck! I have a sore throat that isn't letting me eat or sleep. WHA,WHA!!! I know! So Monday morning, bright and early I was in that freakin Quick Care and that awesome Dr. gave me lortab. The only problem is that if I don't take it I feel like I'm gonna die...or kill someone. And when I do take it....I'm a nutcase. It's hard to work and do my school work like that but.......it'll all work out.......somehow.... right??????

Anyway, about our trip....the kids loved it! Connor went on any ride he was tall enough to go on....Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, and the Matterhorn. Wyatt went on that too. Emily and Ben went with us and they sure got a taste of "sleeping in" with kids. Bright and early the kids would be up yelling, "it's morning time!" They were ready to go!

And Patti, I just saw the picture you were talkilng about...with Wyatt givin a "look" to Minnie. He is so funny. At that place, the ....characters....were trying to get all the kids to dance with them and my boys were looking at me like.."you're kidding me, right?" I love them. It was a breakfast buffet and I'll tell you what....Wyatt tore it up on those pancakes, waffles & yogurt.

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Random Pics

I let my kids ride their scooter & bike infront of our condo on these fun paths and........I totally got busted by The Association/Devil. Man, I hate all these rules...and I don't even know what they are! So they kindly gave me my very own copy of "THE RULES." Actually, they gave me two copies.
Musical chairs at Carson's birthday party. Connor didn't mind getting out cause he liked to do the music with Uncle Brian.
Wyatt just makes me laugh. He stayed and ate at the table for soooo long while all of the other kids played.
Hangin with Alex on a Monday night.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Connor said I was pretty even if..............

  • I have messy hair
  • I don't have nice clothes on
  • I don't have handsome shoes on
  • I don't have fancy pants on (that's my favorite, by the way)
  • I don't have make up on
  • I don't look handsome

because I am a nice person.

Then, I gave him a huge hug and after a while he said, "Mom, you are squeezing me too tight. Can you let go now?"

Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekend pics

We had a good weekend...but pretty busy. I hate how I try to cram everything I don't get done during the week into two days ...on my days off. Pretty dumb idea that I choose to do every weekend. But I WANT to do everything and get to everything. Family dinner was fun on Sunday though...so great to see everybody after so long!

Saturday we went to Alex's baseball game in Henderson and it was really fun. The boys loved it. We brought lunch and they got to run around a little bit and talk to baseball players. Wyatt kept yelling for "ALEX!!" and then we saw someone in the duggout pop his head up and smile. It was perfect weather and it was a good time. Oh ya, Alex gave them both big ol' pieces of hubba bubba gum and I couldn't find Wyatt's until I got somewhere and saw it on the outside of my car door!

I bought Wyatt a Halloween costume finally. He wasn't interested in anything and I couldn't find a baseball uniform small enough....so he finally said OK to a rock star costume. SO funny is all I can say. After what seemed like forever at the mall (it always feels like forever, huh!?) I came out to the car to find a flat tire. Sucky!! So we headed over to Discount Tire and they gave me 2 new tires and charged me $48 bucks for new insurance on them. Sweet. They said I'll need new front tires soon and I keep thinking.......Man, how can I run over something and have it make a hole in those tires too? HMMMM.

Wyatt got into my mascara on Saturday and was throwing a fit that I was taking his picture. Oh well.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

We need a new person in our office..........

The girl in our office had to go work with her dad, so we have a position open in our office. It entails.....dispatching drivers, doing billing and general office stuff. If you know of anyone interested please let me know. We have a drop box company called Discount Dumpsters and we work from a home office on the east side of town. I love who I work with...so we are looking for someone who will be COOL and GOOD!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

OK he wants his picture taken now

This morning he changed his tune and wants to see himself on the computer. He's a silly one!

Not much new

Nothing too exciting has been going on this week, which is fine with me. Work, school and kids pretty much keep me on my toes. I have a huge take home test I have to do this weekend, but that is sooooo much better than a real test in class. I'm taking the second portion of anatomy/physiology. All I have to say is ...it is really hard. To me at least. I wish I had more time on the weekends to get my own projects done around the house.

My babysitter made the kids tie dyed shirts on Friday. They are pretty funny because they are so big for them. Nice jammy shirts though. Wyatt wouldn't let me take a picture of him in it last night, so I put it on. That made him MAD! Connor chose red for his shirt and it looks pink, but I'm never going to tell him that!
Connor took that picture of me and I think he did a pretty good job!

Monday, October 1, 2007

I must be crazy

because tonight for family home evening....I pretty much taught Connor how to:

  • get out of his room to the outside of the house ALL by himself
  • get Wyatt out of his crib
  • how to unlock the porch area to get ALL the way out
  • how to start a fire (kinda)

What was I thinking? :)

Really, we went over what to do if there is a fire and he needs to get out of the house or if the smoke detector goes off. My brother-in-law came over and helped me. We checked all of the detectors to make sure they worked and made a plan and decided on a meeting place.....then......we tested him. HEE HEE! I am wicked! The smoke detector wouldn't go off with the candle lighter thing I have, so we lit some paper on fire and Connor freaked out. I had told him how dangerous smoke is and now he could smell it! He found something to cover his face and hit the floor to crawl around. He was crying! I had to talk him through what we had practiced and he was able to do it...but it was a good lesson for me that if something really did happen they would be so scared and maybe just panic & freeze! Needless to say we practiced a ton more (without making any more fires) and he has it down pat. You should see the way he flips Wyatt out of his crib and they crawl on their bellies. Connor says, "Wyatt, this is just practice. Don't worry, I won't die. Don't be scared." It was fun, they would get in their beds, Ben would push the alarm and tell them where the fire was in the house and I would be outside at our meeting place to see if Connor could get them both out.

P.S. (I always have a P.S.!) Connor said, how am I supposed to do all of this? I'm a five year old!

Man, I hope we don't have a fire, that would be horrible.

Um, I might push that dang alarm sometime one night.........................

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