Thursday, June 25, 2009


(in very random order)

2 cute little boys
especially when they open the door for me
or give me kisses
random encouraging notes from friends or family
celebrating birthdays
my mom
all of my family!
the Dukes
sugar free fruit popsicles
the beach
playing checkers with Connor
Fresh & Easy
music that makes me happy
Valentine's Day with my kids
bacon McGriddles
ruby red grapefruit juice
Connor & Wyatt's drawings
sassy high heels
jeans that fit
The Cosby Show
Rob & Big
going to the lake
laying out, naps in the sun
President Monson
President Uchtdorf
The Friend
lip gloss
PS I love you
Slumdog Millionaire
YaYa Sisterhood
forts with the kids
frosted mini wheats
when my car is clean
Aunt Alice's homemade suckers
when all the dishes are done
victoria secret lotion & perfume
bean burritos from taco bell
dates with my boys
holdling babies
going to the temple
giving thank you cards
singing songs at bedtime
changing into comfy clothes after work
my kid's baby shoes
getting dressed up & going out to dinner
breakfast burritos
Macayos - the smooth salsa yummm
when my toenail polish isn't chipped
watching my kids swim
listening to people who can sing my cousin Nicole, Boonie, Kara & tons others
Christmas traditions
going to the ranch on Cedar Mtn
eating my cereal while I take a hot bath
muscle cars
my new purse
cool art & photographs
doing service with my kids
being active - there's so much stuff to learn and do in life
the smell of Downy fabric softener
peanut M&M's from the freezer
old & new friends
Wyatt's mohawk

Friday, June 12, 2009

Kindergarten Ceremony

Wyatt kept making funny faces at Connor during most of the program. I could hear the other kids telling Connor how funny his little brother was. That kid...........Mrs. Weimheimer is such a great teacher!!!!Connor & ClarkConnor & Miss Grace
My parents, Robin & I all went and watched Connor's Kindergarten Program & they did such a great job singing! I'll have to post a video of the song they dang cute.
This year Connor has grown up so much! He can read so well & I swear he soaks up anything his teacher says! "mom did you know the people in Germany ride bikes & trains to work?" "did you know when you sneeze your germs go as far as a whole elephant?" I love it! And I love his teacher for the great job she did.
Sooo my mom calls and asked me how much money to put in Connor's card...ummm I don't remember her giving me any money when I got done with Kindergarten!! what the heck! Love you Mom!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Summmmmmmmmer Time!

Our friend has a great pool at her complex and we spent most of Saturday there with a group of our friends. Everyone just has fun with the boys, playing with them, tossing them around and helping them swim. The boys have water skateboards that were SO much fun! I kept asking everyone...what would you do if I didn't bring the entertainment? :)
By the way, Connor is fearless (well both are actually) and he does the coolest flips into the pool! Wyatt's close behind...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Muffins with Mom

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