Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ryan's HOME!!!

It was so dang fun to see Ryan today and have him back! The kids were all lovin them some Uncle Ryan... A guy who served with Ryan came to Vegas to see him, but I think he was super sad when Connor couldn't play anymore and had to go home tonight :)


Jen Rose said...

That is awesome that Ryan is home! I seriously cannot believe it went by SO fast! Glad you guys had fun....and sweet pictures with the Nash fam! That looks like a blast! I may have to join in next time. Did Melody have her fake lashes on? Just kidding!

Amber said...

Cute pictures! That was fun with everyone!

Mucho take it easy... said...

That two years flew by!

Kara said...

Hey Brooke it's Kara Brink! I joined the blogging world, and it's so fun! Ryan looks so good. I can't believe he's home! Oh, you look good too!!!!!

Melody said...

hahahahahaha...that was so funny Jen! You should totally come with us next time!:D

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