Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Wyatt & Emily!!!!!

My baby's 4 years old! We had the best day on Friday...started with a birthday breakfast, opened gifts and then met up with my family at the Mini Grand Prix. That place was a total blast. I got the kids wristbands, then we could go on the rides too to "help" them. We rode the rollercoaster, go carts and went down the huge slide, but the absolute best was watching them drive their own go carts!!!! Wyatt had to sit on a booster to see over the wheel, but he was such a cute little driver! We met up that night for dinner at Claim Jumper because it was Emily's birthday too and then ate cupcakes at our house.

Reasons I LOVE Wyatt:
*his smile
*his big blue eyes
*he has rubber face! He can pull the silliest faces and he loves to look at himself in the mirror when he does it.
*he says the FUNNIEST stuff! "that's what me talkin bout!" "hey, take it e-say!" "look at those hip hop tires"
*he knows tons about cars already, like spoilers, mustangs, excursions, sports cars.....and minivans
*he tells me I'm pretty all the time
*he says, "don't worry bout it mom. Me take care of it"
*his giggle is the best!
*he loves animals and I love to hear him talk to them. He has the cutest, scratchy voice. He tells them they are so cuuuute. "Nick, good job gettin those crickets buddy! Nick you are so cuuuuute!"
* he says I have 4 kids...Connor, him, Nick & Eeyore. Yikes.
* he's squishy!

Happy Birthday Wyatt!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Emily! I know we are a little tiny bit different from eachother, haha! But I love you and would do anything in the whole wide world for you! Especially because you already do that much for me. But mostly just because you are my sister and I love you. You have such a good heart, that is generous and giving. You are one of the most steadfast people I know. You have such a firm foundation, yet you always smile and are so fun to be around! I hope you had a good birthday! I can't think of a better person for Wyatt to share it with! Love you!


Missy said...

You are such cute family! Sounds like a great day. Happy late b-day Wyatt and Emily!!

Amber said...

happy birthday wyatt & emily!!

Melissa Everett said...

Ha! Happy birthday wyatt and Emily. Wyatt was so cute on friday with is Hot wheels! I love his scratchy voice too!

Nicole B. said...

Friday was so fun! I am so glad Cristian and I liver here and can be a part of things like this. Love you!

The Cottle Family said...

Your boys are soo gosh darn cute! But it can't hurt having an adorable mother either!

The Cottle Family said...

The Cottle family is actually me, Amberlie, sorry if that was confusing, forgot to log out of my other family blog :)

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