Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oh nothing really......

Summer has been zooming by without much posting going on... Here's a few pics taken this weekend. We went to the buffet at Sam's Town and Connor said the food he got was his 2nd favorite and that his mom's cooking was #1. Gotta love that kid. me with my "sweet angels" aka naughty little suckers

The Duke's know all about this pic......we all watched Wyatt sneaking jello out of the serving dish when we "weren't looking." Robin finally just got it down for him to finish. Can't really tell in the pic, but the bowl & spoon are huge.


Steph said...

hey girlie, glad you had fun with your family. I just love your mom. Will you tell her Hi from me. She's the best.

PS who is conner's teacher?

Nicole B. said...

I miss you guys tons! Freakin cute pictures.

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