Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Good Night (for once)

Connor wanted to see Ponyo for the FHE activity last night so that was on the schedule. I picked the boys up after work and...they got right in the car (crazy!) and we went home and had the FHE lesson on Following Jesus. Both the boys were so good..both sang and offered to say the prayers & made thoughtful comments duing the lesson (crazy!) We had dinner and everyone got along and helped clean up (crazy!) We packed up our treats and headed to the movie and had a great time.

I get sooo frustrated on a daily basis with them fighting and not listening when I ask them to do things. It was so nice to enjoy our time together instead of it being miserable with everything being difficult. Thank you boys!

P.S. A favorite quote from Wyatt during the lesson..."Jesus is like Handy Manny. He helps everyone and fixes anything."


Mandi said...

Cute boys!! I love that quote. haha! Glad it was an enjoyable evening and you were able to have good family time. :)

Kara said...

I love that! My girls are the same way so a good night like that is so deserved for you! Hahaha Handy Manny!

Steph said...

Lucky duck, i need a night like that. Glad you had fun. How was the movie. I just can't see it being any good. I'll see you on Monday. Do you have a ride for Conner yet? Me and Jen are carpooling so we can pick him up too. love ya

lin said...

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