Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Life around here

We've been super busy just like everyone else I know ;) Just getting ready for Christmas and trying to enjoy ourselves a little bit at the same time. I hate rushing around and stressing out at Christmas. I'm refusing this year. Even if things are just simpler. I did get our friend gifts done and I like how they turned out.

Connor loved crazy hair day at school and I snapped a few pics of him in the morning. I went to show my co-workers the pics and......I saw that Connor had taken one of himself after I was done! He cracks me up. He's so serious in the pic. All I have to say is...that took all the hair products I own to get that hair to stand up like that! He could put his hoodie on and it would just pop right back up after he took the hoodie off.

Got Connor signed up for wrestling. We'll see how that goes. He's way excited and so am I ;) but he has tons to learn and it's gonna be a lot of work for him. I think that's good though.

Fancy-Shmancy Magnets


Amber said...

I love Connor's hair. Tanner never participates with stuff like that at school. I think that he thinks he is too cool. Whatever!

I love my magnets! Thanks again!

And I think Connor is going to do awesome with the wrestling. Tanner is just lazy to even try!

Brooke said...

haha there was like a week of dress up days and that was the only one Connor did...wait! he did wear my snowboarding goggles & a beanie for snow day. Other than that he didn't wanna do it.

That was fun when you came to wrestling. I was scared of the coach too!! Love ya!

laynenang said...

Hey brooke it's angela, sounds like things are busy but good. Jake had those dress up days and wasn't big on them either except hat day because he got to where a baseball hat and sport day, same reason and there was backwards day and crazy hair day which was going out on a limb for him so reading that about him brought me back. Visit my blog and leave a comment love to hear from you.

Jenna said...

Your magnets are so cute! Great idea! Maybe i'll steal it next year! Conner is too cut! I can't wait til our first wrestling tournament this saturday! Can't wait to see if you get as crazy as me!!! Ha Ha!

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