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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Grandparent's Day

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trip to Pine Valley

We went to Pine Valley and stayed at our friend's cabin with a bunch of great people and had so much fun! We squeezed in fishing, 4-wheeling, shooting, smores & a trip to the fruit stand in Santa Clara! Super fun! Wyatt just liked to "play" with the fish we caught and carried them everywhere. He named them and everything! Nick, Mason & Willie. Connor loved riding the little dirtbike they had (and so did I!) On the way home we stopped and picked out volcano rocks to take home and the kids are love them! I'm telling's the simple things that make them happy!

Have you ever done something dumb???

Have you ever done something have a battle of the wills with one of your kids? Like try to get them to eat something? You tell them you can't leave thier chair until they eat it. And they won't eat it. And you have to stick to your guns because you feel like you have to stick to what you said in the first place. And your child won't budge either?? WHY did I take on such a dumb situation? OVER A STRAWBERRY! The only reason I am writing this down, is so Wyatt & I can laugh at it years from now and say, "remember that stupid strawberry I made you eat?!"

He asked me to buy them in the store..they were on sale for only a $1 for a whole package. At dinner, he wouldn't eat any. He's never had any. He says he doesn't like them, but has never had any. This time I said, "you need to give it a chance & at least try it". No go. I said you can't do anything else until you try one. He won't. Connor goes to bed. I want to go to bed. Wyatt wants to go to bed. No go. He's screaming and throwing a fit FOREVER and I finally get a blanket and lay down on the floor by him. I'm not giving in. DUMB! I'll just say that a very late hour finally comes around and Wyatt asks for a new strawberry (since he smashed his with his fist), he tries it and liked it. We went to bed, exhausted. The end.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day!!!

Connor's 1st day of 1st grade! First of all I'm patting myself on the back for getting him all ready for school a little early and we were able to play a lot right before he went back to school. School supplies, clothes, haircut, underwear, socks, food for lunches...the whole dang thing. CHECK!

I got him some nicer clothes, but for the first day..he wanted to wear something that would match his lunch box. Awesome. How do you say no to that? So cute & so excited... I'm so proud of him. He was soo after school that I put a note in his lunch. It's the little things :)

with his new teacher Ms. Schmitt

AND by the way the weekend before school started Connor got new glasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He told me last week he was having trouble seeing so he went to the eye doctor Friday and turns out one of his eyes is doing almost all of the work for him to see. So he is supposed to wear a patch in the evenings for 2 hrs. Oh boy. And you should see the cute!!! And so thick on one side. He is 100% adorable in them tho!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Good Night (for once)

Connor wanted to see Ponyo for the FHE activity last night so that was on the schedule. I picked the boys up after work and...they got right in the car (crazy!) and we went home and had the FHE lesson on Following Jesus. Both the boys were so good..both sang and offered to say the prayers & made thoughtful comments duing the lesson (crazy!) We had dinner and everyone got along and helped clean up (crazy!) We packed up our treats and headed to the movie and had a great time.

I get sooo frustrated on a daily basis with them fighting and not listening when I ask them to do things. It was so nice to enjoy our time together instead of it being miserable with everything being difficult. Thank you boys!

P.S. A favorite quote from Wyatt during the lesson..."Jesus is like Handy Manny. He helps everyone and fixes anything."

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oh nothing really......

Summer has been zooming by without much posting going on... Here's a few pics taken this weekend. We went to the buffet at Sam's Town and Connor said the food he got was his 2nd favorite and that his mom's cooking was #1. Gotta love that kid. me with my "sweet angels" aka naughty little suckers

The Duke's know all about this pic......we all watched Wyatt sneaking jello out of the serving dish when we "weren't looking." Robin finally just got it down for him to finish. Can't really tell in the pic, but the bowl & spoon are huge.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Is no new news, good news??

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